The Elephant and the Wolf

by Andrew Henry

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At about 12:18 in the morning, I sent someone a very important text message. It was a profession of feelings - well, no. It's probably better to say it was a confirmation. Given the time of day I sent the message, an immediate response was not expected. So I seemed to choose a self-inflicted anxiety. That anxiety disturbed my sleep and had me fully awake at 5:30 the next morning with a growing worry about this person's reaction.

In that period of sleep, a dream came to me. I was on the side of the interstate in the middle of the night. I don't know what state or even country I was in. It was just the interstate. My vision didn't go any further than that.

My car was a pancake. A burning carcass of whatever I was unconsciously just driving was in front of me. I was on the phone, talking to somebody. I was trying to fix the situation. But I was distracted. In front of me was an elephant. It was urinating on my vehicle, assuring its demise and antagonizing my life. To my right was a wolf, angry and vicious, also committing some of its own mayhem. But what it was doing specifically, I cannot recall.

I turned to the wolf. It must have been hungry. I had no time to think before it lunged at me. I was chased into the slope of the grass just past the interstate's shoulder. I was frightened. I was running for my life.

The last thing I saw was the wolf leaping and biting my arm. I then woke up.

- June 25, 2013


released June 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Andrew Henry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Composer and producer of ambient, electronic, and experimental music.

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