Florya and Glasha

by Andrew Henry

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I was introduced to Elem Klimov’s Come and See (1985) through a cinema class during my time at Binghamton University. The film’s murky, muddy, and polarizing soundtrack of harsh noise discomforts the spectator and prevents them from leaving the film’s tension by shutting their eyes. Fear in the film is presented both visually and sonically, and that struck me.

With inspiration from its soundtrack and an emotional attachment to its two young characters, I created this EP as a tribute to Come and See. I remember the film as a series of movements, all glued together by intense noise that pushed me from one conflict to the next without any pause or relief. “Florya and Glasha” attempts to recreate this experience. And while I never wish to discomfort a listener with my music, I do hope that this release renders the realization of the effects sound has on the human mind.

- Andrew, December 27, 2014

Looking back on “Florya and Glasha”, I can really only remember fragments of its creation. Some improvisation with an overdriven keyboard during my time at Dub Narcotic Studio, the A and B sides of a tape loop made from a Tori Amos cassette, iPad apps, lost recordings of synthesizers that I had no plans with. I just remember the physicality of it – of using so much hardware to put together random recordings that I would eventually put into a collage formation someday. And now, remembering that physicality, and having the project realized as both sound and visuals, I am reminded again of its sensory depth, and the sensory depth of Come and See that inspired me to even start this project. I had no idea until I opened this document that I completed this album in 2014. I thought it was in 2015. And yet I can still remember all those fragments – all those senses being involved. It’s weird how memory works.

- Andrew, February 16, 2016


released February 19, 2016



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Andrew Henry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Composer and producer of ambient, electronic, and experimental music.

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